The Best Cocktails For Winter, From Hot Toddies To Mulled Wine

Drinks that are cozy and comforting are the perfect accompaniment to chilly temperatures. The bartender Megan Coyle enjoys “warm and warming cocktails” filled with spices during the winter.

Winter Cocktails: What Are They?

Winter cocktails can help keep you warm while getting tipsy in three ways: hot drinks, warming drinks, and beverages that use seasonal flavors. Coyle offers different approaches to creating a great cocktail. She says, “Temperature, chemical reactions, or even how you perceive a spice over time can all evoke comfort-invoking sense memories.”.

Image Credit: Pexels/Muhammad Fawdy

An Easy Recipe For A Hot Cocktail

A cocktail with at least one hot ingredient is ideal for the cooler months. The warmest cocktails contain tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or hot water. Making cocktails with hot liquids dilutes the flavor and potency of the alcohol. It’s essential to find an over-proofed spirit of at least 50% alcohol. Hot drinks require a “rougher, rugged, aggressive” base. You’ll lose the integrity of the drink if you don’t use a suitable base.

Cocktails To Warm You Up

Warming spices are a great alternative to hot cocktails. During cooler weather, warming herbs and spices stimulate circulation. In addition to cinnamon’s warming quality, ginger adds a spicy kick to cocktails and can be used to flavor various drinks. Make a simple syrup infused with spices to infuse winter cocktails with warming spices.

Image Credit: Pexels/Magda-Ehlers

A Cocktail That Incorporates Seasonal Flavors

Fruity flavors like peach and watermelon are more common during summer, so Taft stays away from them in the cooler months. The chef likes looking for seasonal flavors like pomegranates, only available in the winter, and finding creative ways to use them, such as in mulled wine. Adding a modifier instead of a quarter of the base spirit enhances the complexity and introduces new flavors. A variety of modifiers are available, including espresso and bitters for winter.