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Ten Years Ago, Women Were Banned From Combat. Now They’re Rising

Just a decade ago, women in the military were barred from participating in combat roles, limiting their opportunities for advancement and recognition. However, the last ten years have seen a significant shift in attitudes and policies, as women have been allowed to serve in frontline combat roles, climb the ranks, and break through the glass ceiling.

The ban on women in combat roles was lifted in 2013 by then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta. This move was a significant victory for advocates of gender equality in the military, who had long argued that the ban was discriminatory and held women back from advancing in their careers.

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Many women have broken through barriers once thought insurmountable since then, making significant strides in the military. Women now serve as infantry officers, fighter pilots, and even Navy SEALs, proving they have the same abilities and potential as their male counterparts.

General Lori Robinson is one of the most significant examples of women breaking through the glass ceiling in the military. In 2016, she became the first woman to lead a combatant command in the history of the United States Armed Forces. As the commander of the United States Northern Command, General Robinson was responsible for the defense of the continental United States.

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However, many more efforts will need to be made to ensure that women have equal opportunities in the military as men. Women still face higher rates of sexual harassment and assault than their male counterparts in specific fields, such as the special forces.

However, the progress made in the last ten years is undeniable, and it is a testament to the bravery and determination of the women who have served and continue to serve in the military. By breaking through barriers and climbing the ranks, these women are proving that gender is not a barrier to success in the military.