Sweet Or Savory: Evaporated Milk Recipes You’ll Love

Explore the versatility of evaporated milk with these budget-friendly recipes. As the unsweetened counterpart to condensed milk, this pantry staple proves to be both economical and adaptable. Discover how this ingredient can elevate your culinary creations, from mac and cheese to pumpkin pie and fudge.

Tres Leches Cake

Embarking on our journey through the finest evaporated milk recipes, we begin with the classic Tres Leches, or “three milks” cake. This delectable creation calls for a trio of creamy delights: sweetened condensed milk, rich whole milk or cream, and versatile evaporated milk. To simplify the process, we recommend starting with a boxed cake mix and then elevating it with a luscious triple-milk sauce for a moist and visually stunning outcome.

Brownie-Walnut Pie

While a pan of chocolate brownies is undeniably indulgent, there are moments when we crave an extra special treat. That’s when we introduce chopped walnuts and encase the brownies within a delicate, flaky pastry crust. In this recipe featuring evaporated milk, the pièce de résistance is the velvety homemade hot fudge sauce. This addition takes the decadence to a whole new level.

Easy Hot Fudge Sauce

Skip the pre-made fudge sauce on the supermarket shelf and create your custom. You can replicate our parlor-style recipe using evaporated milk in just 15 minutes, a saucepan, butter, sugar, and chocolate. Brace yourself because your next ice cream sundae (brownies, waffles, pancakes, cake, or cheesecake) will become even more irresistible!

Cinnamon-Pumpkin Custard

Among the many recipes featuring evaporated milk, a classic custard is a staple in many cookbooks. However, this autumnal dessert idea sets itself apart with its velvety-smooth, pie-spiced canned pumpkin custard. To elevate it to a visually captivating level, crown the dish with an artful web of caramelized sugar, providing texture and an extra layer of sweetness.