Pet Care Can Be Tough. Here’s What Vets Won’t Want You To Overlook

A lot of pressure can be attached to being a good pet parent. One of the problems with a cross-species connection is that your pet may not always be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong.

How do veterinarians and experts wish you knew more about caring for your pet? Experts share some commonly overlooked pet care tips.

Image Credit: Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

Keep Your Vet Appointments Up To Date

Dr. Lisa Lippman, Director of Virtual Medicine, told USA TODAY that veterinarians always want to see their patients. She said, “We will never judge you for coming for something small. Better safe than sorry.” In Lippman’s view, regular vet visits are one of the most overlooked strategies for pet care.

Take Care During The Holidays

Nancy King, CEO of Pets Lifeline, a nonprofit animal shelter in Sonoma, California, says new pet owners have been increasing post-pandemic. It’s important to keep chocolate out of reach for dogs and cats before Halloween since it’s highly toxic. It is essential to remember that dogs and cats can also get anxious during the holiday season if they are overstimulated.

Image Credit: Pexels/Tima Miroshnichenko

Ensure Your Pet Receives Early Training

According to King, more people should train their dogs early on. The pandemic caused many pet parents to be home with their dogs 24/7, depriving them of training time. King says she has seen a local and a national trend of large adolescent dogs with lousy behavior being returned to shelters now that life has returned to normal.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy With Preventative Care

When the weather turns cooler, fleas and ticks are more prevalent, so pet owners need to increase preventative measures as fall turns into winter. During the pandemic, veterinarians were overworked, and it wasn’t easy to get quick appointments, so advanced preventive care is essential.