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27 Life Hacks To Save Some Money and Make Life A Whole Lot Easier!

The term “life hack” is defined as “a tool or technique that makes life easier and more efficient.”   Whether it’s putting vinegar-soaked bread in your garage, pouring salt down your drain, or using ultraviolet lights to blast germs off the surfaces of your home, there are plenty of very timely life hacks that will help make life easier, impress your friends and family, and maybe even save a couple bucks while you’re at it!

How about wrapping your finger in tin foil, or the dozens of cool things you can do with a simple ziploc plastic bag, or the cool effect using a rubber-band on your door knob can have?  Here is our official list of 27 ideas you can do right NOW to make your life less stressful, more efficient, a touch healthier, and maybe even save a couple bucks along the way. Buckle up, here come the life hacks!