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Laundry Experts Explain How To Prevent Clothes From Shrinking

Few things are more frustrating than realizing your favorite sweater or perfectly fitted pair of jeans has shrunk in the wash. However, with some care and attention to detail, you can significantly reduce the chances of this happening. Laundry experts offer valuable insights into preventing clothes from shrinking, ensuring your wardrobe remains intact and looks great.

Read The Care Labels

The first step in preventing clothes from shrinking is to familiarize yourself with the care labels on your garments. These labels provide essential information on washing, drying, and ironing instructions. Pay special attention to any recommendations regarding water temperature, drying methods, and whether the garment should be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

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Sort Clothes By Fabric Type

Different fabrics have unique care requirements. For example, cotton and wool are more prone to shrinking than synthetic materials like polyester. Sort your laundry by fabric type to avoid exposing delicate items to harsh conditions.

Use The Right Water Temperature

Hot water can be a culprit when it comes to shrinking clothes. Opt for cold or lukewarm water, especially for delicate fabrics. It will help preserve the integrity of the fibers and prevent them from contracting.

Avoid Aggressive Detergents

Certain detergents contain harsh chemicals that can contribute to shrinking. Look for a mild, gentle detergent that is suitable for your clothes. Consider using a detergent specifically formulated for delicate fabrics.

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Minimize Agitation

Over-agitating clothes in the washing machine can lead to shrinkage. Use the gentle or delicate cycle for more fragile items, and avoid overloading the machine. It allows clothes to move freely without being subjected to excessive friction.

Air Dry Whenever Possible

Heat from a dryer can cause fabrics to contract and ultimately lead to shrinkage. Air-dry your clothes on a flat surface or drying rack whenever possible. If you must use a dryer, use a low-heat setting.