It’s Official—Transformers 7 Cancelled

The All Spark will spark no more as the Transformers will no longer be transforming on the big screen.  Paramount announced that they had decided not to pursue the current franchise concept after the upcoming release of “Bumblebee” (aka Transformers 6).  With the poorly performing Transformers 5 “The Last Knight”, it is being speculated that if the franchise is to survive it will most probably be headed for a major reboot.

When longtime director Micheal Bays made it very publicly known of his intention to no longer be associated with the franchise, fans pretty much knew a change was on the wind.  They felt something was going to happen, they just were not really sure what, or to how much of a degree.  Now, it would seem, they finally have an answer.

Image: Youtube

Some fans would go so far as to remind us that Bays had said he was finished with the franchise before, but the difference this time around is that he confirmed it himself during the recent Bumblebee press tour.  No longer bound to the Transformers, Bays has already been tapped to direct Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Six Underground action movie for Netflix.

If this doesn’t convince you, take into consideration that at the recent New York Toy Fair, where Hasbro announces their upcoming lines for toys based on live-action tie-ins, there were no listings for Transformers sequels upcoming on their movie slate.

Image: Screenrant

When you add all of this together, the future of the Autobots and Decepticons appears very dark indeed.  Many are pointing to the fifth sequel as the final nail in the franchise’s coffin.  However, each sequel has been making less and less at the box office than the one before it.  Factoring all this information together it was just a matter of time before Paramount either rebooted the franchise, in hopes of bringing it back to life or just cut their losses and wrote the entire storyline off completely.  As it is fans are well advised to enjoy the upcoming release of Bumblebee, because it may be the final Transformer you will see on the big screen.