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It May Be A Sign Of Food Addiction If You Can’t Resist Sweets And Snacks

Even though eating too many sweet treats or salty snacks may sound like something you’ll grow out of, the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation reported that many older Americans couldn’t resist highly processed foods.

The survey found that about one in eight adults over 50 had signs of food addiction.

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They analyzed more than 2,000 responses from adults ages 50 to 80 who participated in the university’s National Poll on Healthy Aging. The poll’s definition of addiction included more women than men. The addiction criteria were more likely to be met by those who were overweight, lonely, or in poor physical or mental health.

Participants were asked to consider sweets, starchy foods like white bread, salty snacks, fatty foods, and sugary drinks, as well as any foods they had problems with within the past year.

Ashley Gearhardt, an associate professor of psychology, said that these foods trigger the same classic signs of addiction as alcohol and tobacco. “We believe that this is also true for younger populations.”

Image Credit: Pexels/cottonbro studio

The main issue for some experts is that food addiction does not appear in the DSM-5, the official guide that specialists use to diagnose mental illnesses.

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Richard Feinman, Ph.D., suggests an excellent method to eliminate sweet desire. As cited in Women’s Health magazine, Feinman asks, do you crave sweets after meals? Think of a sizeable sizzling steak for about an hour. It will sound great if you’re craving steak, but if it doesn’t, you’re being played. Please do something or drink water to divert your attention!