How To Respond To ‘Breadcrumbing’ Narcissistic Relationships

When was the last time you felt led on by someone? You’ve probably experienced it if you’ve braved the dating world. Some people lead others on and drop them almost as quickly as they started. After not reaching out for a while, someone sporadically texts you or interacts with you on social media in a promising way. It’s called “breadcrumbing,” and it’s a manipulative technique. It’s more complicated than that. Is breadcrumbing narcissistic?

You will find below what signs to look out for and how to respond.

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Breadcrumbing: What Is It?

Breadcrumbing leads another person on by dropping tiny but subtle nuggets of interest when they have no genuine interest. By interacting with them, the breadcrumbed person believes there is a chance. According to a 2020 study on the correlation between ghosting and breadcrumbing: “‘Breadcrumbing’ is derived from ‘breadcrumbs, which means small pieces of dried bread used in cooking.”

What Are Examples of Breadcrumbs?

There are many ways of breadcrumbing. These signs may indicate that you are being breadcrumbed.

  • You get memes via text or social media without any other communication.
  • Their interest in you is apparent, but they bail on you.
  • If you suggest hanging out, they ignore you.
  • There are weeks they text you, and other weeks they don’t.

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Can Breadcrumbing Be Considered Narcissistic?

There is no doubt that breadcrumbing is selfish behavior. Another 2020 study found that breadcrumbs do the deed to boost self-esteem, feel ownership, and feel loved by the victim, knowing they are not alone since they have their victim readily available to them.

What Causes People To Breadcrumb?

We know that breadcrumb is a manipulation tactic, but why do people use breadcrumb? The motivating factors behind the perpetrators are diverse. Psychologist Deepak Kashyap says: “Breadcrumbs strive to find the ‘best’ mate possible, fuelled by the illusion that there are enough better people to choose from. The breadcrumb may also enjoy the romantic attention they receive without committing, as would a committed partner.