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Stuck At Home? 40 Household Hacks You Can Try Right Now

What do Solo cups, coat hangers, old TV antennas, ridges on the sides of coins, and that little hole next to the camera lens on an iPhone all have in common?  They are all very common household items, prevalent throughout our every day lives hiding some very neat tricks and secrets.  These items can solve LOADS of pesky little issues around the house when repurposed correctly.  After all, most of us are spending plenty of time around the house right about now — so might as well make the most of it!

Here are 40 common items, hacks and gadgets that can save you time, money and surprise you with a cool hidden purpose (or re-purposing) you never knew!

Arrow on Gas Gauge

This is something you may or may not have noticed before. Next to the gas gauge of nearly every car that’s been manufactured since 2010, there is an arrow that either points to the left or the right. A lot of people may not have even noticed it before it was pointed out to them. This is simply a way to indicate to the driver whether their gas cap is on the left side of the car or the right side of the car. Most people don’t need a reminder because after filling their tank once or twice with a new car, it becomes instinct what side to pull into at the gas station. However, next time you drive a rental car, remember that the arrow is there; otherwise, you’ll look foolish when you try to fill your tank only to realize the cap is on the other side.

Handheld Ultraviolet Light Sanitizers

You’ve seen them for sale all over Facebook with everything going on, and we’re officially jumping on the bandwagon.  These little handheld ultraviolet lights have the ability to help sanitize surfaces of viruses, bacteria and pathogens.  When bacteria, viruses and protozoa are exposed to the germicidal wavelengths of UV light, they are rendered incapable of reproducing and infecting.  UV light wands are frequently used in hospitals, and now is a popular gadget to have at home.

There are a few different brands on the market, but the one we are liking is UltraWand XTR.  It’s frequently in stock, priced below the competition, super portable, and feels sturdy and well-built.

The first half of 2020 was a wake-up call for how we deal with germs in our everyday lives, and as the world re-opens it will be increasingly important to sanitize surfaces such as your car, restaurant tables, office desk, and even public restrooms.  The UV light emitted by UltraWand XTR is safe on electronics, so we find ourselves blasting our iPhones with its sanitizing beam of light multiple times a day.

**12/06/2020 Update: With cases on the uptick and winter coming, this sold out quickly last month. We just checked and they still have some stock available, but it’s expected to sell out again soon. Here is a working link with 50% discount code applied to order a UltraWand XTR UV Light if you are interested.