30 Hilarious and Unintentional Selfie Photobombs

The relationship between selfies and photobomb has long been a complicated one. In a way, attempting to photobomb someone’s selfie is a form of protest. Of course, it’s sometimes all done in good fun if you’re trying to photobomb a friend, but it’s a little disrespectful when you purposely try to ruin a stranger’s photos by implanting yourself in the background. It’s almost as if you’re trying to prevent the selfie from happening.

That being said, not all photobombs are intentional. Sometimes you think you’re taking a normal selfie and something or someone accidentally wanders into the background. In a way, those photobombs are far more funny and entertaining than the vindictive photobombs that are done on purpose. To provide evidence of that, here are 30 hilariously unintentional selfie photobombs.