Here’s What You Need To Know About Cannabis Tourism

It is common for people to plan vacations based on various themes, such as outdoor adventures, pop culture fandoms, and wine. Cannabis tourism has rapidly gained popularity in the past few years.

Sean Roby, CEO of the cannabis-friendly lodging marketplace, said, “Cannabis tourism can be defined as leisure travel done to indulge in marijuana use in areas where it is legal.”

Marijuana legalization in more states and countries is increasing the number of visitors searching for cannabis experiences. Check out what experts say below about the offerings, history, controversy, and predictions.

Experiencing Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis tourism has become a growing area of the travel industry. Brian Applegarth, the founder of Cannabis, said, “Cannabis travel activities today center around well-being.”

There are also cannabis tours and educational seminars where you can learn about the herb’s history. Different lodgings offer unique farm stays, apartments, and hotels.

A Rise In Marijuana-Related Travel

There’s nothing new about cannabis tourism, although it has recently gained more attention. Applegarth said, “During the 1990s, I learned about The Bulldog and other cannabis cafes that offered unique experiences for travelers to enjoy.”

The U.S. has embraced cannabis-driven travel to stimulate the local economy. Visitors are encouraged to experience the Oakland Cannabis Trail, developed by Visit Oakland, to inspire journeys, support local businesses, and engage locals.

A Lingering Controversy

Despite significant progress in understanding and acceptance, there is still a stigma surrounding marijuana usage.

“Cannabis travel is a controversial topic because it is still misunderstood by many,” Applegarth said. Legalizing recreational Cannabis only started in the last decade, noted Roby.

Cannabis tourism is helping to break down the stigma associated with the drug, in addition to assisting travelers in relaxing and having fun.

Cannabis Tourism: The Future

Travel experts are optimistic about cannabis tourism despite legal confusion and stigma. Gamez predicted, “Cannabis tourism will continue to grow. Some ready, willing, and surprisingly affluent cannabis travelers prefer cannabis experiences while on vacation. Restaurants, attractions, shops, hotels, and more will find ways to incorporate this in their daily offerings.”

Cannabis tourism has broader geographic potential than wine tourism, which is limited to particular regions. Roby predicted cannabis tourism would grow into the hundreds of billions in the next few years. The world will develop compassionate, rational policies towards Cannabis.”