Here’s How To Encourage Your Kid To Send Thank-You Notes

Social psychologist Susan Newman rolled her eyes whenever her parents told her to write someone a thank-you note when she was a child. Her kids do the same thing today.

There was a time when parents would insist their kids write a quick thank-you note. The internet era and our busy schedules have snuffed out the tradition. It was common courtesy to send a thank-you note for a gift or kind gesture back then.

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In general, society has become busier and less formal. It’s a pleasant surprise to receive a postcard in the mail today. “It shows a child’s appreciation and love for his or her family.” A simple “thank you” makes the recipient feel happier and more engaged with the sender and also increases the sender’s emotional intelligence.

How do you convince your kid it’s fun and easy? Thank-you notes have several benefits. Experts offer their top tips below.

Keep Thank-You Notes Short And Sweet

It does not have to be literary or long, primarily if a child writes it. Diane Gottsman, the author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life, said that just a few words could show your gratitude to your kids. Educate your child on how to thank someone, but avoid making them feel embarrassed about how long or messy their notes are.

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Make Letter Writing Fun For Your Kids

Show them how much fun it can be to receive a thank-you note – it’s just like Mary Poppins turned cleaning into a “fun” activity. Maryanne Parker, an etiquette coach, said, “parents can surprise their children by placing thank-you notes in random places to find them. Your kids can do the same. Parker suggests making the letter look like a miniature artwork.”

You Can Also Send A Text If You Can’t Afford Stationery

It’s remarkable to get stationery and send a card by hand. It’s important to acknowledge what you’ve received to make the giver feel good. Whenever you can, send a Paperless Post email or another e-card. Newman said, “Either of those things is better than nothing.