Have A More Relaxing Sunday Night With These Tips

The “Sunday scaries,” which are anxiety and dread associated with the weekend’s end and the beginning of the work week, can be alleviated with weekly traditions. Many workers experience this feeling, primarily if they work a typical 9-to-5 job Monday through Friday. It can be helpful to create specific weekly routines to make the end of the week more manageable and peaceful, especially on Sunday evenings.

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Organize A Relaxing Sunday Night Routine

Ashley Janssen, a productivity consultant, notes that people thrive when their minds and bodies do not have to think as hard. A Sunday evening routine can be an excellent way to end the weekend relaxed. Janssen suggests planning your week for the final few hours of Sundays using a consistent schedule. She suggested setting a reasonable bedtime and engaging in an enjoyable activity before bed, such as reading, watching your favorite show, or doing gentle yoga.

Be Prepared For Monday Morning

Francis Sopper, the CEO, says starting your Monday on the right foot will ease some of your Sunday scaries. Check the weather forecast before picking your Monday outfit, or pack your work bag in advance. By doing this on Sunday evening, Sopper said he would have an easier time on Monday.

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Plan Fun Things To Do This Week

Janssen suggests reconsidering on Sunday the feeling of dread that can arrive at the beginning of each week. Think of all the weeks you’ve had that have turned out perfectly fine before you make an expectation about the week before it even begins. He suggested planning a date night or dinner with a friend during the week to help you overcome your despair.

Do Not Mentally List Tasks

Mental task-listing on Sunday nights should be avoided, that is, lying in bed and thinking through everything you need to do the following week. She recommended keeping a notebook on your nightstand so you can write down what needs to be remembered as you try to sleep.