Foods You Can Eat Past Their Expiration Dates

In times of rising food prices, minimizing food waste is crucial. Food experts advise prioritizing food conditions over expiry dates. According to WRAP, 70% of UK household waste is food. Despite national efforts, too much edible food is still discarded. Alongside clever TikTok hacks and DIY projects, saving money also involves being flexible with expiration dates, particularly for specific food items.

Ashleigh Tosh of MuscleFood asserts that discarding good food significantly impacts households. Best-before dates are primarily unnecessary and create restrictions on consuming perfectly safe foods.

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We often hang on to potatoes past their expiry, letting them sprout in our cupboards. Surprisingly, this isn’t a bad practice! Potatoes can stay suitable for up to three months beyond their best-before date in a cold, dark, and dry spot. These conditions maintain their freshness and deter mold growth. But if stored at room temperature, they’ll last only about two to three weeks past their best before.


Discovering your bread has passed its best-before date can be disappointing. However, don’t resort to a sad bowl of cereal just yet! Food experts suggest that properly stored bread can stay suitable for up to seven days past its expiry date in a cool, dry place. Just be vigilant for any signs of mold. Sealed containers or bags also help prevent it from going stale too quickly.

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Dry Pasta

Like flour and white rice, dried pasta can remain good for much longer than the date indicated by supermarkets. Dried pasta can be safe to eat up to 24 months before expiration. Enjoy your meal! However, it’s important to note that fresh pasta will not last two years beyond its expiry date.


Like bread, biscuits have a longer shelf life than supermarkets indicate. Unopened biscuits can last well beyond the recommendation, depending on the type and toppings. For the best taste and dunking experience, store opened biscuits in an airtight container like a tin or tub.