Experts Explain The Protein And Caffeine Packed Trend Called ‘Proffee’

Are you consuming enough protein in your diet? The Mayo Clinic recommends 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Nevertheless, the amount of protein someone needs depends on factors like age, weight, level of activity, and gender. Recently, people have taken a more caffeinated path to protein consumption success, adding more protein to their daily routines with protein coffee or “proffee.”

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Proffee: What Is It?

Protein and coffee make up proffee. Carissa Galloway, a registered dietician and personal trainer, says caffeine is nutrient dense. Just as coffeehouse lattes are filled with empty calories and sugar, they provide no nutritional value. If you drink coffee either way, why not sneak in some extra health benefits?”

A Proffee’s Popularity

In addition to Galloway’s advocacy for protein coffee, many TikTok users share their coffee recipes and morning beverages on the platform. More than 35 million views have been generated on #proffee, which has gained much attention from the bariatric community. Liza Saunders drinks coffee to stay on track each morning as she shares her 110-pound weight loss story on TikTok. Saunders says protein helps him stay full all day, stimulates muscle growth, and makes fat-burning easier.

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Getting To Know Profee

Proffee may make you feel fuller for longer, but it should not be used as a meal replacement. It should be used as part of a balanced diet. Galloway, who works for Premier Protein, cautions: “Proffee is not a meal replacement.”. It is a good idea to consult with your physician before making substantial changes to your diet, especially if you have kidney problems and are pregnant or breastfeeding, where you should limit caffeine consumption.