Designers’ Take: 4 Kitchen Essentials Not Worth the Splurge

Whether planning a complete kitchen overhaul or upgrading a few essential tools, it’s no secret that kitchens can be pricey. However, not every element has to break the bank. We consulted two experienced interior designers for their insights on which kitchen items aren’t worth the extra expense. According to designer Kristina Phillips, while countertops and appliances are worth the investment, some items can be just as effective without splurging.

A Pot Filler

Are you fantasizing about enhancing your kitchen with a pot filler? Also known as a ‘pasta faucet,’ it offers a convenient water source above the stove. While it’s tempting for easy pot filling, designer Galvani suggests skipping it. According to her, it’s a have but not essential, as you’ll still have to carry the pot to the sink eventually.

Pricey Cutting Boards

According to Phillips, a cutting board is essential in the kitchen, but you don’t need to splurge on a $200 one. She emphasizes that they must be durable and knife-friendly. Look for boards that are easy to clean, have a thickness of one to one-and-a-half inches for stability, and fit within your budget.

Kitchen Towels

Tea towels are versatile workhorses in the kitchen, serving multiple purposes like drying hands, cleaning, and aiding in various tasks. Since they endure frequent use and washing, Phillips advises against splurging on them. She suggests choosing affordable options, as they have a relatively short lifespan and are often subjected to bleaching due to their regular use.

An Electric Can Opener

Please stick to the fundamentals when it comes to essential kitchen tools. Rather than investing in a high-tech can opener that may not meet expectations, Phillips recommends opting for a traditional design. According to her, the essential opener that provides a satisfying ‘pop’ when piercing the can is the most efficient. It only requires a bit of manual effort.