Design Insiders Recommend These Items To Always Buy At Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are sustainability champions, rescuing discarded items from landfills. Beyond that, they offer a delightful adult treasure hunt, furnishing your home with distinctive, personality-filled pieces. Willow Wright, owner of Urban Redeux, attests to the value of thrift stores, stating, “You can find almost anything you need there.” Wright’s go-to items include punch bowls, barware, crystal, and champagne glasses. Navigating thrift stores can be overwhelming, so we’ve gathered advice from seasoned experts—vintage shop owners and thrift-savvy interior designers nationwide—on what to seek out during your next thrift store adventure.


According to Wright, ” vintage lamps are often overlooked in thrift stores because people assume they’re broken. She advises not to be discouraged by non-working lamps, as it’s easy and affordable to rewire them yourself. Knowing she can fix it quickly, Wright doesn’t mind if a lamp isn’t functional initially. Record the process on your phone for reference if you decide to rewire an antique lamp.

Silver Plate

Locating sterling silver can be tricky, but silver-plated items like champagne buckets, trophy urns, and punch bowls offer versatile uses. According to Wright, they bring a unique charm with their beautiful patina, which newer pieces lack.

Outdoor Furniture And Décor

Daley employs vintage wicker and iron patio furniture both indoors and outdoors. She praises the affordability and durability of iron furniture, often repurposing individual pieces as accent chairs. Conversely, Wicker finds a place on porches or as accent furniture in various rooms. Daley also scouts for heavy concrete planters, budget-friendly garden benches, bird baths, and metal planters, ideal for crafting distinctive garden displays.

Colored Glass Bottles

Daley treasures vintage medicine bottles in rich hues like cobalt blue, amber, and deep purple. She notes that bottles with embossed company names tend to hold more value. For dinner parties, Daley enjoys arranging them as charming bud vases.