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The Worst Fast Food Chains. Ranked In Order

You probably love them or hate them; fast food is like apple pie in the United States. Whether you are looking for a late-night Taco Bell burrito or an afternoon McDonald’s Big Mac lunch break, the love of the United States for cheap, fast, and fatty food is second to none. Yes, some of those restaurants offer health-oriented meals, sides, and combos are the majority of those food establishments, and drinks are simply terrible. What would you expect? A gourmet, vibrant and rewarding cuisine that will make you live longer? That is not what these wonderfully unique quick-service restaurants are. From a quick road bite to a dinner “once a week” for the family, these restaurants catch you on the accomplishment of good tastes and low prices. But there’s more to these fast-food restaurants than that.

One way or another, some of these “junk” fast food places succeed in mocking their identity. These worst fast-food places have grown in disgusting all the customers who were able to get a glimpse of their mistakes and “general stickiness. For your information and ours, we’ve come up with a list of our worst fast-food restaurants to avoid if you want to live.