A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Performing The Machine Chest Press

The machine chest press is an effective exercise that targets your chest, shoulders, and triceps muscles. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, mastering proper form and technique is critical to maximizing the benefits of this exercise. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through how to perform the machine chest press correctly.

Adjust The Machine

Start by adjusting the seat height to align the handles with your mid-chest level. Ensure that the backrest is set at a comfortable angle, allowing your feet to plant on the ground firmly.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Prostock-studio

Position Yourself

Sit on the machine with your back pressed against the backrest. Keep your feet flat on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Maintain a slight natural arch in your lower back and engage your core muscles for stability.

Grip The Handles

Grasp the handles with an overhand grip, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Position your hands so that your palms are facing forward and your wrists are straight.

Initiate The Movement

Take a deep breath and exhale as you push the handles forward. Extend your arms fully without locking your elbows. Focus on squeezing your chest muscles throughout the movement.

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Control The Descent

In a controlled manner, slowly bring the handles back towards your chest, allowing your elbows to bend. Maintain tension in your chest muscles as you resist the weight’s downward pull.

Repeat and maintain proper form. Continue performing the machine chest press for the desired number of repetitions. Remember to breathe naturally throughout the exercise and avoid jerky or rapid movements.

Tips For Success

  • Start with a weight that allows you to perform 8-12 repetitions with proper form.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid shrugging them during the exercise.
  • Avoid excessive lower back arching, as it can strain your spine.
  • Focus on maintaining a controlled and steady pace rather than rushing through the repetitions.