A Nutritionist Reveals The Three Foods To Avoid Eating Before Bed

After a demanding day, we all deserve a bedtime treat. These indulgences can affect our sleep patterns, whether it’s a beloved chocolate biscuit or a comforting slice of cheese on toast. Research has extensively examined the consequences of late-night eating. While it’s not recommended, if you aim for improved sleep, specific foods are best avoided before bedtime. Interestingly, some of these items hold various other health benefits.

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Dark Chocolate

Indulging in a few squares of chocolate while immersing yourself in your latest TV show might feel heavenly to some. Yet, that seemingly innocent dark chocolate bar can disrupt your sleep in various ways. Nutritionist Sophie Trotman advises against it before bedtime, explaining, “Dark chocolate has caffeine, which can keep you alert for an extended period and disrupt your sleep.”

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods disrupt sleep due to capsaicin, which raises body temperature and hinders thermoregulation. It worsens hot flashes for menopausal individuals, leading to discomfort and overheating at night. Despite lacking caffeine, consuming a lot of spicy food before bed can strain the stomach, potentially causing heartburn and indigestion, which hinder sleep. In severe cases, it can be pretty painful.

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Red Meat

Indulging in a hearty steak or burger might be satisfying but can lead to post-meal sluggishness. However, consuming red meat before bedtime is ill-advised. It requires significant effort for the body to digest, leading to potential discomfort during sleep. Nutritionist Sophie Trotman highlights that red meat, denser and richer in protein than other meats, takes longer to break down. Opting for lighter options like chicken or vegetarian dishes is wise if you have a late dinner.