ZipStitch Offers a Quick and Easy Way to Close Wounds

For people who like to spend time in the great outdoors, there is always a risk of injury. However, more remote areas of the planet tend to not have immediate access to first aid or hospitals. A new medical technology is aiming to change that, by having a do-it-yourself suture kit.

ZipStitch is a new medical product which is made from high-quality materials, and is designed specifically to seal a wound immediately, for anyone without access to a doctor who can provide the required stitches.

ZipStitch is made of four plastic zip-ties and two very adhesive bandages. These stitches should be placed on clean and dry skin, so that the adhesive sticks into place and doesn’t move or get pulled apart. This new method is ideal for small, or straight wounds, but can be applied to  more obscure wounds or even partial wounds to help staunch excessive bleeding.


ZipStitch is able to keep your wound together for at least seven days, and depending on the severity of the wound, it should be fully healed or you should seek additional medical help from a doctor. While ZipStitch is a quick and easy solution for anyone in a remote area that needs stitches, it’s important to point out that this product should be used in emergency situations only.

ZipStitch comes in small enough packaging that it can be easily placed in a first aid kit or placed in a small pouch or backpack for safe keeping. Simply place the adhesive on either side of the injury, and then carefully pull the zip-ties closed, in order to pull the skin together and close the skin as best as possible.


People will be able to walk and move around with full mobility after using ZipStitch, and the bleeding from the wound will be contained.