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You Need To Start Cleaning These Commonly Neglected Household Items—Immediately!

A clean home is a happy home, but you may not be doing the most thorough sanitizing of your entire living space. Even the most spotless of homes may forgo cleaning these household items, and it could be leading to a buildup of dirt, dust, and harmful bacteria.

Start sanitizing these household items as part of your cleaning routine—you will be surprised at the important areas of your home you have missed!

Tend To Your Mattress For Sanitary Sleep


Cleaning your bed sheets and pillow cases may seem like the best way to combat bedroom filth, but your mattress also needs to be tended to regularly.

Clean your mattress with a vacuum or mattress deodorizer two times a year, and be sure to flip it over (if it’s not a pillow top, that is). This will prevent dust mites and other grime from accumulated, letting you rest easy!

Your Ice Machine Could Be Harboring Harmful Bacteria

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The ice maker in your refrigerator can begin to produce ice and water that tastes a little off. This is as gross as it seems, since this off-putting taste is caused by the buildup of mildew within the ice maker’s inner components.

Disinfect your ice maker once a month by using a toothbrush to scrub vinegar throughout. Rinse with water and enjoy clean, crisp water and ice every single day!

Even Your Washing Machine Needs A Deep Clean

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It’s a common misconception that a washing machine cleans clothes, so it’s not vulnerable to a buildup of dirt and debris. Mildew and dirt can actually begin to infiltrate the small compartments, making it susceptible to the presence of bacteria.

Aim to deep clean your washing machine every three months. This can be done by using a vinegar solution throughout the machine and scrubbing all of the inside parts clean. This will keep your washer free of mold and mildew, allowing your clothes to stay fresh!