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You Might Be Getting More Hangnails From Your Hand Sanitizer

The funny thing about hangnails is that they are painful and annoying, and if you keep picking at them, you will end up with a gruesome, bloody battle scene around your nail bed.

A hangnail is one of the worst things that can happen. It’s the ripped edge of your nail hanging on for dear life, causing a jagged edge that’s surprisingly vicious.

What causes hangnails? There are hundreds of causes.

Our dermatologist has shared some advice to help you avoid the plight-even amid winter when hangnails are most likely to occur.

Why Do I Always Get Hangnails?

Hangnails are different from broken nails, says Stern, because you have a sucker instead of a nail.

She says, “Hangnail is a misnomer, as it is not the actual ‘nail plate’ hanging but rather a portion of the cuticle that has separated.”

How Do Hangnails Form?

Stern says there are a few main reasons for hangnails:

  • You have dehydrated hands
  • Constantly picking your nails
  • Your hands are too often washed

Is There A Problem With My Nails?

According to Stern, frequent hangnails could indicate a protein deficiency.

Protein is necessary for healthy skin and nails—if you’re not getting enough, your skin may crack and tear

How Do I Deal With A Hangnail?

It’s best not to pick or bite it, Stern says, or you might irritate your skin further and get an infection.

Stern explains, “If the hangnail is pulled or bitten, it can tear, and you can end up removing not just that portion of cuticle but also normal, healthy skin.”

How Can I Prevent Hangnails?

Do you want to get rid of this annoying problem?

Stern suggests keeping cuticle oil or lotion on hand and applying it regularly. It also doesn’t hurt to moisturize more frequently.