You Could Be Sabotaging The Nutrients Found In Your Healthy Foods

Having a balanced diet accompanied by a regular exercise routine can keep you living a healthy lifestyle and feeling amazing. Making wise food choices seems simple at first, right? Not really.

Recent studies have shown that different preparation methods of healthy foods can end up affecting the nutrition content of the stuff we eat. Your cooking habits may change after you read these shocking nutrition facts!

A Ripened Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Although you may be tempted to eat your apples and pears as soon as you’re done shopping, it may be a good idea to wait for them to ripen a little bit longer.

Ripened apples and pears provide more antioxidants due to chlorophyll being broken down during the ripening process. Don’t be afraid to snack on a fruit that seems past its prime. Your body will thank you!

Fat-Free Is Not Always The Healthiest Option

Do you always reach for the nonfat salad dressing on supermarket shelves? If you do, you could just be hurting your diet and health efforts in the process.

A full-fat dressing can keep you feeling full much longer, and it also helps your body absorb more nutrients from leafy greens. Salad lovers rejoice!

Make The Most Of Your Tea Time

Studies have shown that adding milk to your cup of tea may take away from the key nutritional benefits of this warm drink. Instead, try pouring something a little fruitier.

Adding juice to your green tea will provide a little sweetness as well as cardiovascular benefits, thanks to a good dose of vitamin C.

This vitamin C can also help you digest more of the tea’s natural nutrients, which is one more reason to enjoy tea time—as if we needed another excuse to brew up a batch, right? Cheers!