WW84 Drops From Certified Fresh To Rotten On Rotten Tomatoes

As the new year begins and the future of the DCEU is in somewhat of a precarious state, what was supposed to be a blockbuster hit for the studio, Wonder Woman 1984, has reportedly fallen into the abyss known as the Rotten Tomatoes “rotten” classification.

The previous entry into the Wonder Woman franchise in 2017 was flaunted to be the most well-received movie offered up by DC as of yet.  The franchise was also one of the brighter toned in that it didn’t follow the other DC titles down the dark hole the studio had seemed to dig itself into.

Image: Movie Nation

Due to the ongoing coronavirus, the studio decided to do something it had never done before—it made Wonder Woman available on the streaming service HBO Max at the same time releasing in the theaters.

But, as fate would have it, even though DC went the extra mile, the film did not receive anywhere near the level of praise that its predecessor did.  That is not to say that the decision to handle the film’s release didn’t cause a certain amount of problems.

Then, there was the feud that ensued between Warner Brothers and actor Ray Fisher just before the film’s release that was sure to have had a certain amount of impact on its success or, in this case, the lack of.  It is entirely possible that in some way, the studio executives thought that even with everything else going on, WW84 would, in fact, prove to be an easy sell—and as such a slam dunk.

Image: Wired UK

Unfortunately, reality kicked in, and while the viewership of the film, on HBO Max, was somewhat promising, half of those that watched the film did not walk away happy or giant fans.

What started as a certified fresh rating for the film quickly plummeted to a rotten rating, indicating that less than 60% of critics recommended the film.  In fact, the average score for WW84 was 6.1/10.