Wrapped Gifts: Can They Be Taken On A Flight?

During the holidays, traveling can be challenging logistically, especially when there are gifts to consider.

The gifts we buy for loved ones sometimes take up a lot of space in our suitcases. Some people may be concerned about packing the items securely to prevent damage or other issues.

Some people like to plan by wrapping gifts before packing. Can you fly with wrapped gifts? Travel experts offer their advice.

How To Take Wrapped Gifts On A Flight

Cheryl Nelson, a travel expert, said, “Be sure to follow TSA guidelines when packing. While there aren’t specific gift wrapping restrictions, there is a chance your perfectly wrapped present with the curled bow could be unwrapped by a TSA agent if your luggage is flagged for a safety inspection.”

Even though there are no explicit rules against wrapping your gifts, TSA advises against it because it could get undone in the screening process.

Nelson said, “Whether a wrapped gift is in a carry-on bag or checked luggage, your gift will be unwrapped if your luggage is flagged at TSA.”

Instead, What To Do

We understand that you might not want to risk getting delayed or having your wrapping paper ripped up. It is possible to prepare without everything wrapped up in a neat package.

Nelson offered additional suggestions for flying with presents.

Nelson said, “An easy alternative is to pack a gift bag and tissue paper and properly place your gift in the gift bag once you reach your destination.”

Things To Remember

The TSA regulates everything you pack in your bag, including presents, so keep this in mind as you pack for your holiday flights. Please make sure any excellent hand lotions you get someone are carry-on-size or put in your checked bag.

Nelson said that craft scissors could only be transported in checked luggage, so don’t try to grab them in a carry-on and your other gift-wrapping supplies.

When you fly this holiday season, be sure to take all the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.