Women Row From San Francisco To Hawaii To Break World Record

The accomplishment of rowing across the Pacific by four women is now part of history.

The all-female rowing team traversed 2,400 miles from California to Hawaii and broke the world record.

Libby Costello, Sophia Denison-Johnston, Brooke Downes, and Adrienne Smith touched down in Honolulu, Hawaii, just 34 days, 14 hours, and 11 minutes after they left San Francisco.

Good Morning America reports that the women from Lat 35 Racing rowed in two-hour shifts and averaged just 90 minutes of sleep each day as they covered 3,600 nautical miles across the ocean.

Denison-Johnston told the outlet, “I feel overwhelmed in the best way by love. And I’m also exhausted.”

Cheering fans who tracked their progress on Instagram met the rowers in Honolulu after they made the journey without assistance. Smith’s young daughter, whom she had told was brave for going so long without her mother, hugged her tightly.

However, despite their record-breaking accomplishment, the group stressed that other groups might also be able to accomplish similar tasks.

Downes said, “I think what I want people to take away is that these women are incredible, but we’re not superhuman. ” Downes said that nothing we were born with makes us any different than anybody else.”

During their historic row, Lat 35 also raised money for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

According to Costello, her teammates inspired different types of people, and that was an essential part of the experience.

They occasionally jumped into the water to check for barnacles and other growths because that buildup could slow them down. Other than that, they spent all of their time on the boat.