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Woman With Cancer Saved by Ex-Husband’s New Wife

When couples get divorced, it doesn’t mean they have to go on hating each other the rest of their lives. In fact, Nicola Hitchen is fighting for her life with the help and support of her ex-husband’s new wife.

In March, Nicola, a mother of two from Cheshire, England, was told by her doctors that there was nothing they could do to stop the progression of her Stave IV ovarian cancer.

She was told she had just a few months to live. But in Nicola’s hour of need, the person who stepped into help was her ex-husband’s new wife, Claire Hitchen.

Nicola traveled to Istanbul for a groundbreaking type of chemotherapy that’s effective but expensive. Just five seesions cost her £80,000 (over $100,000). After paying for those five sessions, Nicola is almost out of money and still in need of more treatment.

So Claire stepped up and organized a fundraising campaign to help Nicola raise the £50,000 ($65,000) to finish her chemotherapy treatments.

“Joe and Jake are my stepsons. Niki is my husband’s ex-wife and amazing Mum to Joe and Jake,” says Claire. “This is not an option – the boys need their mum and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men and have their own families.”


The five treatments Nicola has undergone have worked wonders. Her primary tumor has all but disappeared while several secondary tumors have shrunk considerably.

“In 10 days, I went from being on six or seven different painkillers a day to not needing any,” said Nicola. “It was amazing.”

But Nicola still needs at least four more sessions at a cost of £50,000 that Claire is trying to raise through a JustGiving page. The campaign is roughly 40% toward accomplishing its goal. Nicola has been touched by all the support she’s received, particularly from Claire.

“I’m completely overwhelmed – everyone especially Claire has been amazing,” Nicola said. “It’s brought us all even closer together.”