Feel Good

Woman Receives Flowers From A Stranger in A Special Place

A mysterious do-gooder is spreading cheer in London by leaving bouquets of flowers in random places throughout the city. For one woman, finding the flowers in a certain place hit close to home and “made her year.”

Ruth Clark, 26, was at a bus stop on her way to work when she spotted a bouquet of flowers. It was an instant pick-me-up, especially with the note that accompanied the flowers.

“Hello! Yes, these flowers are for you! I’m leaving flowers in places and spaces around London to remind people that they are value and extraordinary,” the note read.

“These are yours to keep, or you can give them to someone else if you’d like to! If you have the time, there’s a postcard in here addressed to me. I would love to hear about someone you think is extraordinary, someone who to you, is magic. Thanks and have a great day!”


But for Ruth, the flowers meant a little more. She found the flowers in almost the exact spot where she was involved in a terrible cycling accident during the summer of 2017.

In fact, she was planning to ride her bike to work that day but felt tired and decided to take the bus instead. For her, finding the flowers seemed like fate and created a wave of memories and emotions associated with that day.

“For almost an hour, five or six total strangers stayed with me until the ambulance arrived,” Ruth recalls. “For my family back home in Scotland, and my friends, it was reassuring for them to know that so many strangers came to help.”

Ruth says she couldn’t stop smiling when she found the flowers, knowing the stranger who placed them there couldn’t have known the meaning behind Ruth finding them in that spot.

She was also eager to share the story on social media. Her tweet has received nearly 1,000 likes and almost 300 retweets.

“This act of kindness was particularly important and touching,” says Ruth. “It brought back a lot of memories of the kindness strangers demonstrated in that moment on the same street just a few months ago.”