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Woman Passes on Wedding Dress To A Dozen Other Brides

Something that started as a woman trying to get rid of her wedding dress has blossomed into something amazing.

Not long after her one-year anniversary, Dawnetta Heinz was cleaning out her closet as she and her husband prepared to move. When she stumbled upon her wedding dress, she didn’t feel like packing it up, so she figured she’d see if anyone else wanted it.

“I never put much thought into what I would do with the dress. I am moving so I had the idea to give the dress to someone less fortunate,” Heinz explains.

She posted pictures of the dress in a Facebook group to see if anyone near her home in Omaha, Nebraska was interested in it. She was shocked to receive responses from more than 700 women.

“I just posted in there saying if a bride is in need that would like the dress they could have it for free, they’d just need to have it dry cleaned.  I didn’t expect it to blow up like it did,” Heinz said. “That’s when I had the idea to ask them to pass it forward.”


Instead of giving the dress away to just one bride-to-be, Heinz came up with a plan to let one woman after another use it, allowing several woman unable to afford a dress of their own to have a beautiful dress to wear on their big day.

Each woman would wear the dress for their wedding, and then pass it along to the next in line. There are already a dozen women signed up to wear Heinz’s old dress.

Arianna Pro was the first to wear it, doing so as she and her husband renewed their vows last week. Pro says she wasn’t even planning on having a big wedding or fancy dress until she saw a picture of Heinz’s dress on Facebook.

“When I saw the dress, all the feelings came back,” she says. “It was overwhelming. (Heinz) snowballed my dream to have a real wedding.”

Pro has already packed up the dress and sent it to the next woman in line, hopeful that it will help make her wedding day all that it should be.

“I shipped the dress to the next girl. I know how I felt when I wore the dress and we get to pass that feeling on.”

“A wedding dress is so special to a bride,” Heinz adds. “Knowing that a dress that I picked out will make someone feel just as good as I did, is a blessing.”