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Woman in Labor Rescued Amidst Houston Floods

There have been some amazing rescue stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey dumping several feet of rain on the city of Houston. But one of the most amazing stories involves a woman in labor.

Andrea Smith and her husband Greg suffered through two miscarriages before Andrea was finally able to carry a baby to term. It just so happens that the baby came at the same time as Hurricane Harvey.

With Andrea’s contractions starting to get serious Saturday night, Greg planned on taking his wife to the hospital Sunday morning. When the couple went to bed Saturday night, the rain wasn’t too bad, but that quickly changed.

“I expected there would be five or six inches that I could drive through,” Greg recalls. “I woke up to two or three feet.”


The couple, who were accompanied by Greg’s mom, Sue Chor, soon realized that they were stuck, with Andrea destined to give birth at their apartment.

Fortunately, Andrea and Greg, both doctors, live in an apartment complex filled with medical professionals. A neighbor posted on a message board, sending a wave of EMTs, nurses, and medical supplies to the couple’s apartment.

While Andrea and Greg continued to prepare for a home birth, Greg was able to get the attention of a garbage truck that was willing to help transport Andrea to the hospital.

Of course, getting Andrea into the truck was the next challenge. Fortunately, a friend notified a group of firefighters who arrived on the scene and formed a human chain that helped Andrea traverse waist-deep water to get into the truck. A neighbor tweeted a rough video of the rescue.

“We were soaked,” explains Greg. “We sat on top of all these fire hoses, while firemen drove us to the hospital. They were careful to go slow and keep us safe.”

At 1:59 Monday morning, the couple welcomed baby Adrielle to the world. The baby is doing fine, but some minor complications forced doctors to send her to intensive care. The couple getting rescued from the flood waters and being brought to the hospital may have saved the baby’s life.

“If she were born at home, that wouldn’t have been the best place for her,” says Greg. “I’m so glad she is in the hospital.”