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Woman Gets Married Days After Surviving Crocodile Attack

There are some brides who get cold feet before their wedding, while there are others who will do whatever it takes to make it down the aisle. Zanele Ndlovu is undoubtedly the latter after getting married just days after surviving a crocodile attack.

Ndlovu and her now husband Jamie Fox were paddling in an inflatable canoe on the Zambezi River not far from Victoria Falls when a crocodile attacked their vessel from under the water.


The creature deflated their canoe and grabbed Ndlovu, ripping off most of her right arm. Fox scrambled to get her out of the water and away from the crocodile. He then created a makeshift tourniquet to limit the bleeding while Ndlovu was rushed to a Zimbabwe hospital.

Thanks to the doctors at Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Ndlovu survived despite losing most of her right arm and suffering damage to her left hand. Despite her life-altering injuries, Ndlovu had no intention of postponing the couple’s wedding just a few days later.

The couple initially planned to marry at Victoria Falls. Instead, they had to settle for the chapel at the hospital. However, all of their family and friends showed up to watch Ndlovu walk down the aisle in a sleeveless white dress.


Despite her left hand being heavily bandaged, Fox managed to slip the wedding ring on her finger. Ndlovu even managed to sign the wedding registry.

“It is a quite remarkable love story and it really does show their love for each other,” said one wedding guest. “The crocodile attack made no difference. Their feelings and love for each other are even stronger than before if anything.”

Some people in Ndlovu’s situation would be happy just to be alive. But she had no intention of letting anything, not even a vicious crocodile, stop her wedding day from happening.