Windshield Ice Prevention Hack Blowing Up The Internet

If you are like me, one of the routines you dread each winter is having to wait for your car windows to defrost.  When the wintertime temperatures drop below freezing, the morning commute will often be delayed by icy windshields.

However, there is a simple hack taking the internet by storm (excuse the pun) that will eliminate the need to defrost your windows in the first place.  What is this genius invention, you may ask, and where can you get it?

Image: WBKR

The simple answer is you can pick it up at any grocery store—the item is an everyday run-of-the-mill potato.  Along with a knife, you will be able to prevent ice buildup on your windshield.  Now, the potato will only work if used the night before, as if there is already ice on the windshield, you will have to go old school and scrape it off.

If the weather indicates that temperatures overnight are expected to drop below freezing, you will need to take the potato and slice it in half.  Then you will rub the cut side of the potato all over the windshield and your door windows.  It may take both halves to get the job done, but you want to make sure the entire area is coated.

Image: Peter Brooke Taylor

The potato works because it creates a barrier between the glass and the elements with the sugar in the starch.  This barrier will aid in the prevention of the buildup of ice.  When you go out in the morning, you will need to spray wiper fluid on the windows and wipe it with a clean cloth.  Then you will be good to go.

Don’t have a potato handy?  Not a problem. The same technique will work with an onion.  That is if you won’t mind crying while doing it.