Will Smith Reportedly Exiting Suicide Squad Sequel—Studio Looking At Replacements

Although Warner Brothers had already made an announcement confirming the next entry into their “Suicide Squad” franchise, it would seem news has come out that they are losing the films original star—Will Smith.

Keeping in mind that nothing had as of yet been made official about Smith’s return to his role of Deadshot, it was hoped by fans that he would be present in the sequel.  Sources have been reported as stating that the main culprit in the decision not to return was merely a scheduling conflict.  It has also been noted that both parties have separated on amicable terms and have no hurt feelings.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

The studio never really has made any announcement or promises to this date as to which actors would indeed be returning to reprise their roles. However, it is worth noting that the hope was that the two biggest stars, Smith and Margot Robbie, would be amongst those included.

Just to remind readers, Robbie was the originator of, what ended up being the fan favorite in the movie, Harley Quinn.  It would seem the plan for the other characters and their casting would be worked out along the way.

Even in light of the announcement that Smith will not be returning, Warner Brothers fully intends to process with the sequel.  The original had an estimated box office take of $746 million, so the studio has no qualms about another entry into the franchise.

Image: YouTube

With production slated to start this fall, it would only follow that finding a replacement for Smith is priority one unless they want to risk the casting of a new actor to the role impacting the start of pre-production.  It will also be interesting to see how the overall storyline for the sequel will end up being, since the studio brought on James Gunn just last year as the writer and director for the film.

The sequel is currently set to hit theaters on August 6, 2021.