Why You Should Do These Beauty Treatments This Winter

During the winter, there’s nothing like wearing cozy sweaters and fleece-lined boots and reading a book by the fireplace. You can also indulge in beauty treatments, especially those which require you to stay home while your skin heals.

A winter beauty treatment allows for ample healing time and less sun exposure. Some beauty treatments, such as fillers, LED, and radiofrequency treatments, are safe all year round since they don’t disrupt the skin barrier.

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Dr. Daniel Belkin, a Board-Certified Dermatologist, says UV exposure after treatment may result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In the fall and winter, when people are covered up and the UV index is low, it is easier to avoid significant sun exposure.

Winter is the perfect time for skin and body reboots like invasive lasers, downtime-heavy chemical peels, and noninvasive body-sculpting treatments. Check out these winter beauty treatments.

Hair Removal With Lasers

A laser hair removal system follows the philosophy “prepare now, be grateful later.” With laser hair removal, summer is the perfect time to lose hair in all the right places. Winter is a busy season for laser hair removal treatments. A tan or extended exposure to the sun will decrease the effectiveness of laser hair removal.

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The Specialty Facial

Due to a lack of moisture, winter air is typically dry and tight. A facial using oxygen and hyaluronic acid can give your skin the extra hydration it needs. Since HydraFacials use skin infusions, they can hydrate winter-compromised skin. Belkin recommends hydrating facials rather than resurfacing.

Using Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are safe all year round, but others aren’t. During chemical peels, people forget about the dryness associated with them, which reveals brighter, more even skin underneath. Deep exfoliated skin is also exposed to damaging chemical elements and the sun, causing redness and hyperpigmentation. After treatment, patients must follow an at-home regimen that addresses their specific skincare needs.