Why Women’s Brains Get Stress Harder Than Men’s

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol are linked to brain shrinkage and impaired memory among healthy middle-aged people. The effect was stronger in women than in men.

New research highlights an important point. Although stress affects the whole body, it starts in the brain. Gray matter perceives and interprets teeth-grinders like traffic jams, personal snubs, and financial worries, not just because of cortisol.

How Stress Affects Your Brain

Amit Sood, M.D., professor of medicine, says aspects of the brain’s design that worked thousands of years ago are now triggering negative emotions and mental fatigue.

He says, “We have evolved a lot in the past few centuries, but today’s speed has outpaced our brain’s ability to adapt.” The result is that we have too little time and too few resources to address what life throws at us every day.

How Stress Affects Women Differently From Men

Women almost seem to be victimized by stress. A survey by the American Psychological Association showed that women reported more tension than men, as well as more stress-related physical and emotional symptoms, including headache, upset stomach, fatigue, irritability, and sadness.

The differences between men and women in tension don’t exist in isolation. Their impact affects how husbands and wives, friends, and colleagues interpret the world, and yes, conflict results.

Stress Gap Between Men And Women

Researchers have found that couples get into trouble when each person perceives stress differently. People are less likely to offer support when they’re agitated if they don’t believe they’ll get help.

Calm Your Brain And Control Stress

Getting enough sleep is essential for improving your mood, emotions, and cognition while controlling stress. It’s not always easy to accomplish these basics, especially when life is stressful.