Why Valerie Bertinelli Is Done Fixating On Her Weight?

Valerie Bertinelli has admitted that she has been trying to lose “the same 10 pounds for the past 40 years.

In her latest book, “Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I AM Today,” she says she is tired of judging herself. After many years I am thinking of looking a certain way to accept and like me.

She is started to write part of her journey, which has been haunting for decades: the scale.

According to an excerpt published by “People Magazine,” Bertinelli writes, “I gave up the damn scale. I have not weighed myself since I finished writing the book, and all I know is that they fit every time I put on my jeans.

Marissa Meshulan, an NYC-based dietician, says, “building better relationships with our bodies and with food, in general, begins with taking our focus away from the scale.”

Though Bertinelli has lost 50 pounds in two years, however, she says it has not solved her problem after posing for a bikini for the cover of “People magazine in 2009.”

She writes, “I started to gain weight as soon as the photoshoot ended. I was starving myself and doing twice a day workouts.”

Bertinelli has been open in the past about her role in carrying on the “diet culture.”

She recalls in Enough Already, “I watched my father mistreat my mother when she would gain weight. I had a 5th-grade teacher poke my belly and say, ‘You want to keep an eye on that, so I learned at a very young age that when you gain weight, you are not lovable. And what I am learning is that your body is not what makes you lovable.”