Why Have A Green Porch Light?

In the month of November, many neighborhood porch lights will go green.  Although upon first glance, many may think that their neighbors are getting a head start on their Christmas decorating.  However, the green porch light has a specific significance that is not related to the holiday season.

Green lights on porches symbolize that the family within supports the US military and is part of the Greenlight a Vet project, initiated by Walmart.  When originally conceived, the project served as a means for honorably discharged US military to have a guaranteed job when they were released from the service and returned home.

Image: Sun Gazing

At that time, Walmart urged their local community members to change their porch lights to the color green as a symbol of appreciation for veterans across the US.  The campaign uses the color green as it represents renewal, hope, and movement forward.  Walmart had hoped that the initiative would start a nationwide conversation about how valuable US veterans were to our communities.

When the initiative asked community members to swap out their current porch light for a green one, they were also asked to share photos of their green lights on social media with the hashtag #greenlightavet.

The initiative, which took off in 2013, aimed to: “…spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans…as valued members of our communities.”

Image: Bob Vila

A green porch light may also offer another meaning.  In March, during St Patrick’s Day, many individuals will shine a green porch light to celebrate pride in their Irish heritage.  Whatever the reason that you choose to shine a green porch light, it is best to remember that is not recommended that you burn it 24/7.

Other than the fact that burning your porch light 24/7 will cause unnecessary costs to your electric bill, security experts agree that it is unlikely to prevent theft or burglary.

These same green lights are still seen during May for Memorial Day and November for Veterans Day.