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Who Needs Flowers When You Can Carry Puppies Down The Aisle

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into the great state of Texas in 2017, not only did many of those in the storm’s path lose their homes, but many pets were displaced, abandoned, and left behind to fend for themselves as best they could.

However, a rescue organization in Iowa, AHeinz57 Pet Rescue, and Transport took in an estimated more than 100 animals who were victims of Hurricane Harvey and worked to find homes for each one.

However, this is not a story of sadness but one of joy for six of those estimated 100 animals affected by the hurricane. The puppies were given a chance to be involved in one extraordinary day of happiness and celebration.

Samantha Clark was getting ready for the day every little girl dreams of—that of walking down the aisle and marrying the man of their dreams. Even though the day was almost perfect, there was one thing that would push it over the top, and make it more than memorable.

Image: The Animal Rescue Site Blog

Samantha loved animals, and she had three dogs of her own that she was wanting to be part of her happy day and included in her wedding. However, she began to think of those dogs that didn’t have a home and hit upon a possible way of helping them to find one.

That is when the idea hit her—instead of carrying the traditional bouquet and flowers down the aisle, she and her bridesmaids chose to carry six rescue puppies instead. Of course, Clark’s bridesmaids were more than happy and on board with the idea, and were more than thrilled to hold the adorably precious little pups.

The wedding guests were both in awe and moved by the bride’s decision and gesture, and the little pups were a big hit with the crowd. Not only did the small fur balls play a significant part in the wedding, but AHeinz57 set up a booth at the celebration to show the wedding guests all the other pups they had available for rescue.