Whitney Port Shares Her Emotional IVF Journey

Whitney Port became candid with her fans on her in vitro fertilization (IVF) journey after having experienced several miscarriages.

Whitney Port shared a candid message through a set of selfies on her Instagram page about her experience with IVF. She showed her four-year-old son Sonny with her husband, Tim Rosenman.


The reality TV star had previously had three miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy.

She captioned the post, “Pre-bloat. Two days post egg retrieval, and I feel like I swallowed Sonny as he is dully kicking at my ovaries.”

Port told fans that she monitored her diet but went through various emotions, sometimes feeling “calm” or suddenly “upset.”

She says, “The whole IVF thing is crazy. It is a legitimate scientific experience that you sometimes do a lot about yourself with a partner, with little education and emotions. It is an inevitable colossal rollercoaster.

Last week, Port’s husband talked about his first reactions to her miscarriages in the latest episode of the People’s ‘Me Becoming Mom’ podcast.

Rosenman explained that they had experienced a pregnancy loss on November 17, just two weeks after publicly disclosing that she was seven weeks pregnant with “probably another unhealthy pregnancy.”


He acknowledged that his shock quickly turned into anger.

Rosenman said that after every miscarriage, he did his best to “stay positive” and focus on their future. However, he also recognized that although this was a challenge they were both facing as a couple the experience for Port was quite different.

He said, “Initially, I was upset and angry and had all those feelings, but it was essential to balance out how we as a family were dealing with it. It is a different situation for both Port and me because we both lost the opportunity of a baby, but it happened in Whitney’s body.”