When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Tree?

This is the question of the moment, as the holiday has now passed, and many households are looking forward to a new year.  Still, many may wonder when is the appropriate time to take down and put away the tree.

For some, the timing of the removal of the tree is a personal one.  Some do it the day after Christmas. Some wait until after the new year.  However, if you want a more concise answer, let’s take a look back through history, to the fourth century.

During that time, Christians chose to mark the end of the Christmas season on the Twelfth Night—or 12 nights of Christmas—on the evening of what is now known as the Eve of Epiphany.

Image: Wales Online

The Epiphany celebrates the day that the Three Wise Men visited the manger and saw the Christ child, Jesus.  This day would be January 5 or 6, depending on if your family chooses to count Christmas as day one or the day after as day one.

To this day, many Christian groups disagree over the actual date that the Three Wise Men beheld the Christ child. Even so, the tradition still dictates that the holiday decorations are to come down on the Twelfth Night—and this includes your Christmas tree.

It has long been believed that if you choose to wait longer than the Twelfth Night, you are risking bringing on bad luck.

Image: Metro

Now, as mentioned before, the Christmas tree’s removal is, in these times,  based on convenience more than tradition.  Whether you are one that chooses to take your tree down the day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or whenever you have the time to get to it, there is really no hard and fast rule to the process.

The Christmas tree’s decorating can be either enjoyable or tedious, but either way, you have put some time into hanging those ornaments—enjoy them for as long as you and your family wishes.