What’s The Truth Behind A TikTok Fad About A ‘Scrunchy’ Parent?

Parents on social media often identify themselves as “silky.” They appreciate modern conveniences that make parenting more accessible or “crunchy,” meaning they only use cloth diapers, push their baby food, and offer homemade toys to their children.

Silky moms are moms who use disposable diapers, subscribe to western medicine, and have no problem with iPads, fast food, etc.

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Crunchy moms tend to take a more holistic approach. In addition to unmedicated births, they choose recyclable toys, eat organic, and use cloth diapers. It is common for these two factions to poke fun or outright criticize each other.

The scrunchy moms are here to show us that many parenting styles fall in the middle despite the joy of identifying as crunchy or silky moms.

Move over, Crunchy and Silky. There’s a new parenting player — and her name is Scrunchy. Hilary Rose Bodiford, blogger and mother, said, “It’s called balance.”

She wrote, “Are you familiar with ‘crunchy’ or ‘silky’ moms? Although I consider myself a ‘scrunchy’ mom who would pay $20 for a vegan leather bib, I do not use cloth diapers.”

Bodiford stated in the video that she provides both wooden and plastic toys for her son – and feeds him a mix of formula and breast milk. In addition, she uses non-toxic disposable diapers rather than cloth diapers.

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Several “scrunchy” moms poked fun at their parenting styles on TikTok and Instagram. According to Fox News Digital, some self-identified “crazy” moms have become less “crazy” along the way.

Taking inspiration from both silky and crunchy moms, the scrunchy mom reminds us that parenting our children doesn’t have to be one or the other.

TikTok parenting can be overwhelming. The comments section erupts with arguments about parenting styles and drama between users who disagree on the “right way” to raise a child. In the chaos and extremes of today, it’s refreshing to see that “scrunchy moms” are back.