What You Need to Know Before You Get Straight Across Bangs

It seems like there is another “new” hairstyle making its rounds: straight across bangs. No, not like the terrible ones our parents made us get in the 90’s (well unless you’re in to that) but a wide variety of flattering, fun bangs! It’s always exciting to try something new and it’s just hair, so why not? But, before you pull the trigger – here’s what you need to know about getting bangs!

  1. They are SO hard to get used to. Every time you leave the salon after getting a new do, you have little pieces of hair all over you, itching and driving you nuts. Well, imagine all of that in your eyes! You will need to immediately go home shower and wash your face to avoid feeling like you’re going blind
  2. EVERYONE will notice. This isn’t just a slight change to your hair. It’s huge. Be prepared for everyone you see to make comments about it, touch them, ask questions about what it’s like. Hopefully, you won’t be able to tell when someone clearly give you the “oh they look great…” fake compliment
  3. You will absolutely love them! Once you get past the hair hovering over your eyes, you will see how much they add to your normal everyday hairstyle. No matter what style you chose for the day: pony, messy bun, straight, curly it will ALL look super cute with your new bangs!
  4. They get greasy easily. Invest in some dry shampoo if you’re not a person who likes to shower or wash your hair everyday because with the amount of touching and the small amount of hair – the oil comes fast!
  5. They will grow very, very fast. Sadly, this is a hairstyle that needs quite a bit of upkeep. It doesn’t matter if you’re hair doesn’t grow fast in general, these puppies will. So, I suggest buying some halfway decent cutting shears  to have on deck for when they start affecting your eyesight. They will come in handy!

All in all, this seems to be a fun, new hairstyle that’s worth the try! If you’re willing to put a little effort into keeping them looking fresh, you will have yourself a brand new, super cute look!