What Is In Store For The Shape In Halloween Ends?

Now that Halloween Kills has been released, all eyes are turning to the upcoming final entry into the franchise, Halloween Ends.  David Gordon Green, director of Halloween Kills, has been teasing fans with what may be in store for Laurie Strobe and The Shape in the trilogy finale.

In a recent interview, Green confirmed that Halloween End would begin with a four-year time jump, which will bring the events of 2018 into our present day:

“There is a time jump.  It gets back onto a contemporary timeline, so it’ll jump four years.”

Green went on to say:

“The script is in great shape.  It’s just a matter of committing to certain paths and characters and constructing new set pieces.”

CAUTION: Spoilers ahead for Halloween Kills!! You have been warned!!

Image: JoBlo

The choice of a time jump from four years in the past to the present is sure to be a fantastic vehicle for bringing Laurie Strobe back into the story.  In the current sequel, Laurie has been removed from the action due to the events that occurred in 2018’s Halloween, notably the severe injuries she had sustained at the hands of Michael Myers.

Green has more than once commented on the struggle to craft a storyline that is compelling to the audience, and the character of Myers, while at the same time keeping Myers behind the iconic mask.  Now, Green and company will be crafting that story without Laurie as well.

Green explained about Halloween Kills:

“A lot of this movie was tricky, not only in writing the Shape (Michael Myers) and his lack of character but keeping her (Laurie) in a realistic scenario.  There’s a graphic surgery that we film of her.  Then once you’ve done that, she’s not going to be doing a lot of Kung Fu…so.”

But don’t despair. Laurie will be given time to heal so that she can return in the third, a final entry into the franchise trilogy to once again do battle with Michael Myers.