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What Is Cuter Than A Baby Cow In Earmuffs—Nothing!

Most anyone will admit that when it comes to creating the warmest of feels, baby cows are the kings.  However, a new fashion statement is taking those feels up a notch to a whole new level.

It seems that cows are bringing back the lost fashion of hats, knitted by dear ol grandma.  All thanks to a company by the name of Moo Muffs, now your calf can sport its own pair of fashionable ear muffs.  It makes one wish that they looked half as cute in those handcrafted gifts created by grandma when we were younger.

Image: Unilad

Young calves had long since fallen victim to frostbite on their ears.  So farmers, in an effort to protect the calf’s sensitive ears, have started using knitted earmuffs.  Admittedly, baby calves are cutie patooties but throw a pair of earmuffs on them, and you can see why everyone is super excited and oohing and awing.

The protection of the calf’s ears from possible frostbite is a somewhat important as well as a daunting task.  If their ears were to become frostbitten, it could possibly lead to hyperthermia and, in some cases, even death.

Frostbite occurs mainly on the calf’s extremities, such as their ears and their tails.  If left unchecked, they may lose those extremities, and their appearance forever changed if not adequately protected.

Image: Giguebox

Although any animal is prone to frostbite, newly born calves are at the most risk.  This being because when they are born they are wet, and they have a somewhat larger body surface compared to their overall mass.

Add in the fact that when calves are newly born, for the first few hours, they are not sufficiently able to maintain the proper body temperature.  Factor in if the weather conditions at the time are bad, and you can see the possibility for frostbite and hypothermia.