What Doctors Say About Your Tired Mornings?

When you experience a stormy morning or feel exhausted all the time, there is something wrong with you. The worst disappointment is waking up after sleeping for eight hours only to feel just as tired, if not more than you did the night before. Here experts explain why you wake up tired.

Several Reasons Can Cause Tiredness

Getting out of bed on the wrong side of the bed can have many causes. You can control some things more than others.

Inertia Due To Sleep – Sleep inertia refers to typical morning grogginess caused by nighttime sleep. Robin M. Tucker, Ph.D., the associate professor, said, “Studies have shown that blood flow in the brain is slower for up to 30 minutes after waking compared to before going to sleep.”

Blue Light Exposure – Sleep quality is seriously affected by your screen time, whether you believe it or not. Tucker calls this “revenge bedtime procrastination,” or staying up after a busy day to pursue the leisure activities we would have otherwise missed (e.g., scrolling, watching TV) instead of sleeping.

Taking Too Much Caffeine Or Alcohol – You may not realize that caffeine is a stimulant that harms your health. Tucker explains, “Some people metabolize caffeine more slowly than others.”

Genetics – Some people are night owls, while others are morning birds. Dr. Peter Polos says, “These are usually genetically predetermined. It is possible to modify one to a certain extent, but not to replace it.”

Refreshment Tips For Waking Up

You can feel more alert and faster in the mornings than previously mentioned habits.

Embrace The Light – “Sunlight helps wake us up in the mornings,” Tucker says, adding that more daylight leads to earlier sleep onset. Consider a sunrise-inspired alarm clock rather than blackout curtains to stay awake.

Put An End To Snooze – Did you ever feel even more sleepy after hitting your snooze button? Polos explains that snoozing increases your chances of waking up in a deep sleep stage, worsening sleep inertia.

Exercise – Dr. Polos recommends yoga or a brisk walk an hour before bedtime. He says, “Exercise is always a great decision and can help promote quality sleep as a key component of your overall health.”

Stick To Your Bedtime – The weekend is no exception. According to Tucker, it is a simple but potent tool to get more and better sleep when you maintain a consistent bedtime and wake time.