What Chores Should Kids Do At Home?

As parents, we are frequently surprised at how much more cleaning is needed after having kids.

You have to manage the day-to-day chores of being a parent, from sweeping cereal spills to organizing a playroom full of toys.

When should you start asking your child to share the workload? Are toddlers allowed to do chores? Are there ways to motivate young kids to do tasks?

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In Salt Lake City, Britnee Tanner is a professional home organizer. A mom of two kids aged 3 and 5, Tanner understands the challenges of keeping a clean home.

Cleaning Tips For Kids

Tanner says, “One of the best ways to help children learn to clean is by showing them how. Parents can’t expect a child to grasp the act of cleaning up — they need to be shown and taught.”

She takes the time to teach and remind her children how and when to help with household duties – such as cleaning their rooms, cleaning the bathroom, or wiping down the kitchen table.

While children can help, Tanner points out that cleanliness should not be expected just because they are helping.

When Should Children Help With Cleaning?

Devon Kuntzman says your child should be taught these essential habits and life skills as early as possible.

Kuntzman said, “Toddlerhood is a sensitive period for getting kids involved in household tasks.”

According to Kuntzman, the long-term motivation for children to perform household chores comes from this developmental stage.

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Is It Okay To “Pay” Kids To Do Chores?

Paul Sullivan, a former New York Times columnist, says parents need to be aware of how they reward their children.

Sullivan says, “Thanking them for helping you. But paying them or offering up some bribe for basic household tasks? No way.”

In the long run, Sullivan believes these rewards cause children to struggle to understand their responsibilities.