West Virginia’s Very Own Machete Man

Residents of Kanawha County in West Virginia are hoping that recent reports are simply a case of someone who has watched one too many horror films.   Otherwise, they seem to have a big, scary problem on their hands.

The report came in late in June 2018 of a sighting along Childress Road in Kanawha County, indicating a man in a jumpsuit, wearing a mask and wielding a machete had been spotted.  Originally the reporting was thought of the sighting was written of as simply a hoax or a prank, but it would seem that photos have turned up on social media that are causing worry for local residents.

Jeremy Caldwell knows for a fact that it is neither a prank or a hoax, as he has seen the machete wielding individual with his own eyes.  Caldwell stated “It looked like he was out of a movie.”  At first, Caldwell admitted that he and his brother thought they were seeing things, when they initially spotted the individual on the evening of June 29th.  When they originally drove by the man they only noticed the individual wearing a hat, a jumpsuit, and sporting a machete.  Wanting to get a better look, they turned around and drove back by.  It was at that time they saw the mask and that the man had a chain around his neck.  Caldwell immediately called and reported the incident to 911.

Caldwell also stated that the four times he spotted the machete man on Childress Road, he was walking back and forth within the same 100 feet.  By the time that Sheriff Deputies had arrived, the man was gone, and deputies could find no evidence of him.  Sgt. Sean Snuffer of the Kanawha County sheriff’s office confirmed that the office had received multiple calls about the Facebook post showing the machete man but are not pursuing the incident as an immediate threat or danger.

Although the sheriff’s office assures residents there is nothing to be worried, Caldwell stated he lives near where the machete man was spotted and just doesn’t like the idea now of leaving his family at home alone.   He went on to say that he realizes that the individual may just be out to scare people but, in this day and age you cannot be too careful.