Welcome Spring the Right Way – With an Easy/Cute Craft!

Spring is officially here (although it may not seem like it depending on where you are in the world) so it’s time to “spruce” up the house a little! After doing some much needed spring cleaning, try out this easy DIY project to create a cute “Welcome Spring!” sign for some household decor.

Step 1: You probably have some old wood pallets laying around in the garage to make this project even easier, but if not just hop on down to your local store! There are going to be a TON of different sizing options and even colors so decide how big you want the sign/look you’re going for before going to the store to save some time!

Step 2:  After gathering your pieces, cut the boards in different lengths (like pictured) to add a “cute” little effect, if desired and glue together. Depending on the glue type used, you may need to take a little break to assure it’s sturdy before decorating.

The Shabby Nest

Step 3: Once your pieces are securely attached, start the even more fun part of making it pretty!  If you want the more rustic look, leave your wood as is but painting the entire board to add color would be a great option if you want to extend the project and add a little more “oomph”.    Stencils, paint, chalk, even spray paint can be used to make your welcome sign pop. This will surely add even more excitement to spring being in the air!